Repel Mosquitoes

11 Fragrant Plants That Repel Mosquitoes


What all do come in mind when we talk about summer? Vacations? Or ice-cream? Or the cool air of the air-conditioner? Of course all of these! But what else are we missing? Yeah, our most favorite and uninvited guests – the mosquitoes!

There is no much saying or explaining about the harm these can cause, but these little insects not only bring in frustration and annoyance but also some deadly diseases like malaria, dengue and yellow fever. And we smart people have been using useless things like mosquito repellent creams, coils and what not! But the question is, in the present days, how useful are these?

Now, why don’t we think of some natural ways of keeping the mosquitoes away? Mosquitoes are attracted towards humans because of the body odor and the smell of sweat. So, why don’t we use this power of smell against these? There are various plants whose smell seem pleasant to us, but repel the mosquitoes.

So here we are going to discuss about eleven plants which are, if present in our garden, can easily keep us safe from mosquitoes as well as bring a sweet odor in the surroundings.

1. Citronella


We all must have seen the citronella candles? Very beautiful! But these candles are a mixture of some very lethal chemicals, which aren’t too good for humans. The citronella plant, also known as the mosquito plant, can prove to be a good mosquito repellent if present in our garden.

The foliage of the plant is the source of its sweet fragrance and the leaf, when rubbed on the body, creates an aroma and keeps the mosquitoes away as well. Well, it is not as effective as the bottled repellants but at least we can get some chemical-free safety from the mosquitoes! The citronella oil can also prove helpful in keeping mosquitoes away, but having a plant in the garden can provide beauty, aroma and safety as well.

2. Rosemary


Rosemary is well-known for the flavor it provides to the dishes, but did you know that it acts as a mosquito repellant as well? Yeah, oil can be made from the plant, but let us talk about some natural techniques.

Rosemary is a suitable option if you want to plant it in your garden; it provides beauty and aroma and keeps mosquitoes away. And it can be kept indoors as well as outdoors. Just a little part of the plant is required, which when burnt, gives an aroma pleasant enough for us and unpleasant enough for the mosquitoes to stay away!

3. Geranium


Not the normal ones, we are talking about the scented ones here. Geranium is also called as the plant twin of Citronella.

The lemon-scented Geranium smells just like citronella which is somewhat enough to keeps the pests away. With the big pink colored flowers making a beautiful piece of decoration, the plant leaves and scent are good mosquito repellents. These can easily grow in dry, warm and sunny environment.

4. Lavender


Lavender flowers are known because of their fragrance. Incense sticks, room fresheners, deodorants and many more stuffs are made from lavender flowers.

But, have you noticed that most of the times the plants are destroyed by the stray animals? It is because of the fragrance or the odor. The smells we like are unpleasant for the animals, mostly insects. And mosquitoes come in that category too. Planting lavender plants in the garden bed is enough to keep mosquitoes away. No burning, no oils!

5. Marigold


One of the most common flowers in countries like India, Marigold flowers are only used as sources of decoration or worshipping.

But these marigold flowers also emit an odor which deters the mosquitoes. So, plant them in the garden or have those in pots on the entrance, these will very well keep the mosquitoes out of the house.

6. Garlic


Yeah, it is the garlic we eat or use as flavors in our food daily. The garlic plants also work wonders as mosquito repellents.

Having garlic in the garden can serve two purposes – an easy access to garlic for the food and also the aroma which strongly keep the mosquitoes away. So, don’t worry and plant some in the garden!

7. Peppermint


Peppermint is the best one among all the plants featured in the article. These are the only pure non-toxic and natural plant which is very useful in repelling mosquitoes.

Peppermint is a great repellant, which keeps mosquitoes as well as flies and ants away. The more stronger the aroma is, the better it will work. The plant can be kept in pots inside the house for easy use, or the leaves can be dried and used as natural remedies.

8. Basil


Known as one of the best working herbs, Basil not only is useful for inner-body but also for the exposed areas.

Basil plants provide natural protection. There is no need to crush the leaves or do anything. Just having a plant in the pot inside the house or outside it will do the work. According to a medical journal, studies showed that the basil plant oil provides complete relief from pests.

9. Catnip


If you are considering this plant, you are going to make the cats in your house really happy! Catnips are mainly known as feline-attracters, but also work as pest repellents.

Studies show that catnip plants have a natural chemical known as nepetalactone, which have dual work like feline attraction and pets repellent. And these can be found anywhere growing as weeds. So, make sure to keep some planted in your garden!

10. Lemon Balm


Also known as the bee balm, lemon balm has a lot of healing properties, it is also an insect repellent. Lemon balm has a mixed odor of lemon and mint and hails from the mint family.

It is not only handful in healing and repelling, it also acts as an attraction for bees, thus promoting pollination. But as it is an invasive species which attracts other insects, make sure these are grown in pots away from the garden plants. For keeping the pests away, just take a handful of leaves and apply those in the exposed body parts after crushing them.

11. Allium


Allium flowers are a very good choice if you want some real beautification of your house along with protection.

The globe-shaped flower heads on slender stems look really cool, and also provide a natural aroma which keeps the little invaders away. So, having some in pots outside the house can be great!…