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Best Earphones in India

Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180 is a full-fledged earphone from the brand Sennheiser. CX 180 is an earphone that comes with robust bass control and a microphone. The design of the earphone follows and lightweight design and a round approach towards its edges. It follows a parametric form with a unique design pattern that follows a dual-tone color scheme of grey and black.

The 3.5 mm jack installed in this device has a gold-plated option; it is not real gold, but it has a gold layering, which makes it attractive. The materials on this device are decent and come with low-quality rubber, but it is durable. The product also features a bass-driven stereo sound, which is installed on both the drivers. This comes under best headphones under 2500.

It also provides a frequency of 20000 Hertz, and it has a sound pressure level of 110 decibels. The device also comes with various year questions for different sizes. It has a powerful bass output and is one of the most sold in this price range. It comes with passive noise cancellation, but it works decently. There are two options with the one with the microphone included, and the other one doesn’t have any microphone. It has a quick guide and a storage pouch. The device is lightweight and weighs around 4.5 grams, which is a decent weight for an earphone.


JBL 100 is an affordable range of earphones provided by the brand JBL. The device comes with a sturdy design, and a circular pattern theme is going around it. It has high-quality materials, such as rubber and polycarbonate glossy material on the top.

The device comes with extra deep bass, which is a positive point if you consider in on the price range of 600 INR. The device also comes with a noise cancellation microphone, one of the most highly rated points. Under the price tag, it is one of the cheapest earphones offering a noise cancellation microphone. It also comes with a signature sound, which is one of the most famous elements of JBL. It also comes with a microphone and a one-touch feature, which means you can control various tasks with its one-button feature. It comes with a lightweight design and three ear tip combo in the box. It also comes with connectivity with Google Assistant and Siri.

JBL also provides various other designs and color segments. The device comes with a powerful 9mm drivers and has a cable length of 1.2 meters, which is quite enough. Overall this is a great price earphone and has a 9mm driver with a sturdy design.


Sony is a well-known brand dealing with the music industry for a while now. Sony MDR is their mid-range series of earphones. Sony provides us with an earphone that supports EDM music and comes with high-quality bass.

The device also provides an impedance of 16 ohms and comes with 12 mm of neo dynamic drivers. Sony also provides a microphone, which can be used to pick up calls, and it also has a single button feature. It also comes with a flat cable, which makes it tangle-free. It also has a chord length of 1.2 meters, which is quite enough. Sony MDR comes with a single tone finish with a metallic and plastic body.



5 Best Computer Monitors for Offices in India

The offices that are equipped with many people and of course have a lot of people working; there would be a need for the right mechanisms for sure, and it is true that the world in which we live there is more dependent on laptops. But for offices desktops are more in demand, so there is always a need for the best computer monitors. If you are also in need of the best computer monitors for your office, check the details and the features:


Best computer monitor for office

1. BenQ GW2480

Electronics from Taiwan are of the perfect quality, and hence the desktop computer monitor from this brand is worth appreciation. There are some amazing features that you will find with this particular company. So, just check the details first.

• 1920X1080 pixels

• Good color reproduction

• Good connectivity

• Flat screen monitor

• Best in durability

• Good in software support

• Robust in quality

• Invisible cable management system

• 24-inch screen

• IPS panel

• Full HD resolution

2. LG 22MP68VQ

Having an excellent computer monitor in the office or home will display good colors and keep your eyes in a pleasant state! LG monitors are fantastic, and they give you the best features as such. These are the features and specs that you should go through. LG monitors are famous for its excellent features, which is why more and more people prefer such options. Easy to use and easy to sync, these monitors are great in every way.

• 22 inches full HD display

• IPS Led technology

• Affordable

• Good color reproduction

• Good for reading mode

• 3 years warranty is available

• Good with every angle

• Best in value

• Color accuracy is perfect

3. Samsung LC24 F390 FHWXXL

If you think that you want a good and powerful computer monitor that will remain for you in the long run, you should know that this item from Samsung will be of better use. Samsung is already famous as a means of electronics items, and hence you can rely on the details for sure.

• Saves power

• Immersing viewing possible

• 23.6 inches curved full HD monitor

• Affordable

• Best in value for money

• IPS panels available

• Eye saver mode

• Good contrast ratio

4. ASUS VP228H

If you are much into gaming, then perhaps this option from ASUS will make a good amount of difference. You will be happy to understand the features:

• Fame Plus Modes available

• Good levels of contrast

• 1ms response rate

• 21.5 inches LED screen

• Full HD display

• 1920X1080 pixels

• Supportive for gaming

• Flicker-free operation

• Blue light filter

• Good color reproduction

• LED-backlit

5. HP 24 ES

If you love to have the best monitors for your office, you should think about the ergonomic ones that will offer you the best options. So, the HP 24 ES is an excellent way to make you feel great. Studying the features in detail will give you the basic idea about how you should check the PC monitor and get them in your office. The features are hereunder:

• 23.8 full HD display

• IPS LED display

• Good in finishing

• Best in durability

• Saves power

Often people think that laptops for the office would be good. They are good for homes and not for the offices. While opting for the office monitors, it would be better to choose the ones that are ergonomic and easy to work with.

The design should be such that when the person sits to do some work, the work productivity is automatically bettered. For getting the best and stylish desktop computer monitors, there would be better options available. You can research from the above and decide how things could be settled. Apart from that, you can also get good information from the web.

When ordering office computer monitors, you should keep in mind a few things:

computer monitors

• You should first check out the ideal number of monitors that would be needed in your office.

• The ergonomics of the monitor should be checked. A monitor that is easy to work with will help you in many different ways, and finally, it will turn out to be the best deal.

• The monitors that you buy should be best in features, and this is one of the best ways to get something that really would help to enhance the productivity of the staff.

• Installation of the monitors is also easy, and generally, you can always get the warranty and the safe sale services because you have chosen the best companies for monitors.

• If you want to buy monitors that are quite cheap and not belong to a good brand, you should think again. Often, this might lead to a waste of your money. It would be better to check how the office PC monitors from the best brands would give you the perfect deal.

Office automation is essential.

Often, when you have to buy electronics items, it would be prudent to rely on the best brands only. Doing the research and buying things is also a perfect act, and hence, when you are looking forward to something that would help you make the commercial space perfect, this will surely be a great deal. The PC office monitors are good, and they should be used to enhance the staff’s productivity.

computer monitors

If you have to order in bulk, it would be good to opt for the same company. It will enhance the chances of better customer service.

You should plan things for the office pretty well, and perhaps this will be a better way to get the best products at reasonable rates. The office monitors are the best office supplies, and you should always check the ones that would give your office a highly professional look and feel.

It makes a good difference when you have to place orders for things that you need to make your office automatized. Buy things that are good for the longer span, which will help you grow the business.…