Cantabil Men’s Antique Narrow Fit Jeans

Cantabil is a brand from Italy and has been in India for a decade,.They have a decent fan following. Cantabil offers a variety of clothes. Cantabil has attended design, and premium build finished them, that’s why people consider buying them.

Men’s Antique jeans are fashionable jeans by a brand Canterville, and they have it in three different colors, including dirty earth as well, which is the most sold color by the brand Cantabil. They use the ultra-narrow pattern style, which makes them trendy as well.

You can wear them on any casual like a wedding or even your college. They also have four pockets, which will help you to keep your belongings safe. Cantabil also uses premium quality buttons and chains in their jeans, which makes them more premium as these small details matter.

Levi’s Men’s Slim-Fit Jeans

Levi’s is a brand that everyone has heard. It impacts the youth as they have trendy and out of the box designs and feel to them. Levi’s uses a premium range material with attractive color, which makes them different from any other in this list as the use of minimalistic colors with their design. After all, you get a great product, which will last for years.

Levi’s slim-fit jeans have a unique trendy and minimal paraffin, and you’ll get them under a low price. It is stretchable jeans, which has 75% cotton, 23% polyester and 2% elastane. They have a tempered finish and usually are stretchable. The pant has a fly zips with button closure. Levi’s uses a premium range of fabrics, which make them washable, and they won’t lose any color.

The pants come with a warranty of 1 year and a modern slim fit. These jeans can be worn at any function or even in the college as they are attractive skinny jeans, and Levi’s uses stretch technology, which makes them comfortable. You can use them with maximum mobility.

Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s Straight Fit Jeans

Calvin Klein jeans are one of the best in this list as the brand is a multinational company dealing from the United States of America. It has a variety of audiences with a great product on the list and premium finish as well.

Calvin Klein is famous for the premium range of products, and they have out of the box designs and craftsmanship. Calvin Klein deals with their online and offline sources well.

Calvin Klein men’s straight-fit jeans have a premium range of 100% cotton in them. The jeans have a straight type stitching pattern. They have four pockets for your personal belongings, and they are available in fifteen different shades.

Calvin Klein provides a one year warranty on their stitching and a two-year warranty on the color of the fabric. Calvin Klein also claims that they won’t lose any texture even if you wash them fifteen times a day. They are available in their offline and online portals as well and have pricing about 5000 a pair.

Wrangler Men’s (Millard) Regular Fit Jeans

How can we forget the brand like Wrangler on this list? Wrangler is a fabric brand from the United States of America. They have a premium range of clothing and fabrics for them.

They have great popularity in India as they use a very trendy and minimalist design to their plans. Wrangler uses a countable fabric, which is not youth stylish; that’s why most old age people prefer using Wrangle.

The pants have a slim and tact finish to them and have four pockets for your belongings. They use a decent color scheme, which makes them look good.

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