Best Earphones in India

Sennheiser CX 180

Sennheiser CX 180 is a full-fledged earphone from the brand Sennheiser. CX 180 is an earphone that comes with robust bass control and a microphone. The design of the earphone follows and lightweight design and a round approach towards its edges. It follows a parametric form with a unique design pattern that follows a dual-tone color scheme of grey and black.

The 3.5 mm jack installed in this device has a gold-plated option; it is not real gold, but it has a gold layering, which makes it attractive. The materials on this device are decent and come with low-quality rubber, but it is durable. The product also features a bass-driven stereo sound, which is installed on both the drivers. This comes under best headphones under 2500.

It also provides a frequency of 20000 Hertz, and it has a sound pressure level of 110 decibels. The device also comes with various year questions for different sizes. It has a powerful bass output and is one of the most sold in this price range. It comes with passive noise cancellation, but it works decently. There are two options with the one with the microphone included, and the other one doesn’t have any microphone. It has a quick guide and a storage pouch. The device is lightweight and weighs around 4.5 grams, which is a decent weight for an earphone.


JBL 100 is an affordable range of earphones provided by the brand JBL. The device comes with a sturdy design, and a circular pattern theme is going around it. It has high-quality materials, such as rubber and polycarbonate glossy material on the top.

The device comes with extra deep bass, which is a positive point if you consider in on the price range of 600 INR. The device also comes with a noise cancellation microphone, one of the most highly rated points. Under the price tag, it is one of the cheapest earphones offering a noise cancellation microphone. It also comes with a signature sound, which is one of the most famous elements of JBL. It also comes with a microphone and a one-touch feature, which means you can control various tasks with its one-button feature. It comes with a lightweight design and three ear tip combo in the box. It also comes with connectivity with Google Assistant and Siri.

JBL also provides various other designs and color segments. The device comes with a powerful 9mm drivers and has a cable length of 1.2 meters, which is quite enough. Overall this is a great price earphone and has a 9mm driver with a sturdy design.


Sony is a well-known brand dealing with the music industry for a while now. Sony MDR is their mid-range series of earphones. Sony provides us with an earphone that supports EDM music and comes with high-quality bass.

The device also provides an impedance of 16 ohms and comes with 12 mm of neo dynamic drivers. Sony also provides a microphone, which can be used to pick up calls, and it also has a single button feature. It also comes with a flat cable, which makes it tangle-free. It also has a chord length of 1.2 meters, which is quite enough. Sony MDR comes with a single tone finish with a metallic and plastic body.


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