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6 Easy Organizing Ideas for Your Entire Life


Living life in this modern world has become a really tough task now. With the entire life full of works and responsibilities only, it is sure that the whole thing becomes messy and hassled.

Some common problems we must have faced as a 21st century human are getting late, not finding useful things while needed, forgetting important stuffs and many more. When our mind is full of stuffs, it becomes really hard to make things easy and take them in control. Each and every time we are sure to face some kind of problem.

A great personality once said that geniuses are not born with capabilities; they make themselves genius with their abilities. Just like that, an organized and simple life cannot be lived automatically. We have to make our life organized so as to make it easy and hassle-free.

Here are some ideas on how to make our lives simple and organized –

1. Note down things, and make a schedule or reminder

Every day we get up from our bed with our mind stuffed up with works to complete that day. And when it comes to doing the works, we manage to remember only a few of them.

So, remembering up ideas, or dates, or anything else can never be helpful in doing them. Remembering things can never make our life organized. In such a case, only a piece of paper and a pen can prove to the best buddies. Whenever there is someone’s birthday, or any important meeting, try to note them down on a piece of paper. This organized method will help a lot in remembering right things at the right time.

And making a schedule or setting a reminder for any essential work can really help you a lot. That is why we always make a list of the groceries we have to buy, and not remember them.


2. Make a deadline for every work

One of the biggest problems that we face in our day-to-day life is our laziness. We are a lot lazier now-a-days as compared to what we were in old times.

It often happens that when we have completed one or two things, we try to extend the third thing to be done next. We wait, and wait and finally forget to do that work. Simple ideas can help in the organization! Take an example, when we were kids and we had exams, there were some chapters or questions which we still had to remember. When we decided to skip that and remember that before the day of the exam, we get a lot of pressure and finally end up skipping it. So, completing the work at the right time can lift off the pressure of doing it later. Just make a list of the things to be done with the time when you can do it. If it can be done instantly, then go for it and don’t wait.

3. Give everything a home, keep only what you need

Imagine how lost you would be if you had no home! Similarly, when your daily items do not have a specific place, they will get lost and it will be hard for you to find them. That is why always try to make a separate specific place for your daily items and the less needed items.

Giving every item a home can prevent you from looking for them everywhere when you need them. And also try to store things in the required amount. Never run out of stock or get over stocked!


4. Try to delegate lighter responsibilities

The common hindrance in the path of our organized life is our plan of completing all the works or responsibilities ourselves. No one has ever said that you have to do everything yourself, has anyone?

Whenever we try to complete everything we have on our to-do list ourselves, we are sure to have sheer pressure on our mind and finally mess everything up. So the only solution is to try to share work. Look at your list and select the things which can be given to someone other and do so. Similarly at home, try to share household chores like cleaning, buying groceries with your family. This will help a lot!

5. Recycle or donate or else throw

The most irritating thing which we can face is looking for some stuff and finally coming to know that we are out of stock. So, always try to keep things ready for use and also in stock.

But another problem is keeping stuff over stocked. When things are over stocked, you will not find adequate place to keep them. So recycle the waste things but make sure those are bio-degradable! Recycling things saves the environment. Or try to donate extra things you have. This will make you and someone else happy. Like give your old clothes to the poor ones or any extra food items you have and make their day. At last throw those things away which can neither be recycled nor be donated.


6. Create a weekend bucket-list

You know you got to work for the whole week but get Sunday as an off-day. So, why not use that occasion as a relaxation opportunity?

After working for so long, both your mind and body need rest. Try to make a weekend plan prior to Sunday, like any long drive, or go fishing, trekking, cam fire etc. This will give some relaxation to your brain and also make you refreshed.

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